Urban Security, Security, Education Market
Edu type:
Formal education
Den Haag
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
5040 hrs
3 years
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In the English-taught bachelor Security Studies, you will study 21st century security challenges in a complex world. You will analyse these challenges at all levels from various perspectives and learn to formulate strategies by looking at real-life security practices. This will develop your knowledge and skills to address security issues. You will study at Leiden University, one of the leading universities in continental Europe. The programme is located in The Hague, the international city of peace, justice and security.



Bachelor’s programme

The Security Studies programme is a three-year BSc degree. It is a full-time programme, which means that throughout your degree, you will study 40 hours per week on average. This is a combination of in-class hours and self-study.



First year of the Security Studies programme

After a broad introduction to security and safety in modern society, you will gain insight into different vulnerabilities and threats, the actors involved, and approaches to safety and security issues. You will study in detail two complex, real life case with a local, national, regional and global dimensions: Syria & Iraq, and Fukushima.



Second year of the Security Studies programme

You will learn about the strategies necessary to protect the vital interests in society and to ensure stability, welfare and prosperity. In doing so, you will study three security and safety challenges: Terrorism & Counterterrorism, Cyber Threats & Risk Management and War & Peace Building. You will also explore the underlying themes of Law and Security, Economics of Security and Governance of Security.



Third year of the Security Studies programme: going deeper or broader

The elective space in year three can be used to qualify for a specialised master’s programme, or as preparation for entering the labour market. You can choose to deepen your knowledge and skills via minors and electives run by the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and other faculties at Leiden University. Alternatively, you can register for a broadening minor at another faculty or university in the Netherlands or abroad. Year 3 also offers you the chance to study abroad or to do an internship at one of the many organisations in the security domain. In the final part of the programme, you will further develop your research methods and skills as you work on your bachelor thesis. You will conclude the programme with a group project and an individual thesis.



Skills training

Throughout the programme, you will gain and improve academic and professional skills, including:

  • critical thinking, writing, communication, research and interdisciplinary skills
  • teamwork, intercultural skills, organisational & leadership skills, citizenship, and reflection & lifelong learning skills.

In your first year, you will tackle these aspects in the Skills Lab under the guidance of your tutor. You will also receive training during courses, projects and while working on your final thesis.



Exploring, understanding, doing

At every stage, you will learn by ‘exploring, understanding and doing’ security. That means that, throughout the programme, you will aim to:

  • Explore by identifying crucial events, stakeholders and the cultural and historical context of real-life security and safety cases
  • Increase understanding by identifying relevant academic perspectives and applying them to these challenging cases
  • Use your knowledge to assess and design strategies and solutions to security and safety challenges


NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).