The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science. Our conviction is that scientific research contributes to our prosperity and well-being and that it provides for our growing need for knowledge: for facing societal challenges, for economic development and to better understand ourselves and the world.

NWO Cybersecurity
The Cyber Security programme focuses on the development of products, services and knowledge for the security of the digital society. Cyber Security encourages collaboration between the business community and science, with the business community as both supplier and customer. Cyber Security aligns with the Dutch government's National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS). The objective is to counter any cyber disruptions for the Dutch population, the business community and government. This is translated into five policy goals for Cyber Security:

1. The Netherlands is resilient to cyberattacks and protects its vital interests in the digital domain.
2. The Netherlands tackles cybercrime.
3. The Netherlands invests in secure ICT products and services that protect privacy.
4. The Netherlands builds coalitions for freedom, security and peace in the digital domain.
5. The Netherlands has sufficient cyber security knowledge and skills and invests in ICT innovation to attain cyber security objectives.