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Formele educatie
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start datum:
5040 uur
3 jaar
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European Law School

What are the differences in the national legal systems of European member states? What influence does European law have on the laws of individual member states for instance to ensure the protection of human rights, to promote the rule of law or to facilitate trade in a sustainable way? How do legal systems of different EU member states interact and influence each other? If these kinds of issues interest you, this is the right programme for you. In this programme, you will look at legal problems from a comparative and European perspective, rather than focusing on the solution given in a single legal system. You will study both EU and international law. Working in small groups on relevant real life topics will train you in essential legal skills such as problem-solving, legal reasoning, pleading and writing. In addition, there is plenty of attention for vital skills such as active listening, collaboration, analytical and critical thinking. This will prepare you to work as a legal professional at a regional, national and international level, both in the private and public sector. With further study, you can also gain access to the regulated professions such as a lawyer or public prosecutor.


Interested in this bachelor? During the Experience Day you will receive more information about the European Law School programme and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). You will experience what it is like to be a law student and participate in a tutorial group.