Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
Edu type:
Formal education
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
5040 hrs
3 years
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How can you develop an autonomous car? How can you teach a computer to recognize speech or even emotions? How can software and devices be aligned to the way humans think?


In the international Bachelor's degree programme in Artificial Intelligence you will study existing intelligence as we see it in the world and develop 'intelligent' and user-friendly products.


This international degree programme focuses on human thinking, artificial thinking (computers, robots) and behaviour in social systems (e.g. group behaviour). You will study the underlying processes in order to predict or simulate intelligent behaviour.


Interdisciplinary curriculum

Artificial Intelligence draws on knowledge from various disciplines, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, data science, computing science, logic and philosophy, and teaches you to apply this knowledge in smart digital systems. You will develop skills in these areas in the first year, after which you deepen your knowledge in the subdiscipline you prefer, such as machine learning, robotics or cognitive science.


Programming and mathematics are an important part of the programme because these are the foundations for building and simulating new intelligent systems. Do you already know how to program? Then you can build on that in your first year. Do you lack programming experience? Then you’ll have to work harder to get up to speed.


Translating knowledge into practical applications

There are many applications in which intelligent and usable technology are indispensable. For example, in the chatbot on your bank’s website for the prediction of electricity use in households or how full the train will be. Artificial intelligence is also applied in research in other disciplines. Researchers working on the Dead Sea Scrolls have extracted new secrets about the writers of these ancient handwritten manuscripts.


Please note: AI has a fixed quota (numerus fixus), for which a selection procedure takes place. You can find more information on the fixed quota programmes, the admission procedure and the selection procedure on the AI fixed quota/numerus fixus page.