The NLR is a leading international research centre for aerospace, providing innovative and integral solutions for the complex challenges in the aerospace sector. As the Netherlands’ leading knowledge supplier, NLR works for both government and industry, civilian and military aviation and aerospace.

The long-term, comprehensive collaboration between NLR and the Dutch Ministry of Defence has led to innovations that achieve the greatest possible operational effectiveness, a fine example of which is the  data and video intelligence system that NLR developed for the Apache helicopter, an upgraded ‘eyes and ears’ that ensures these helicopters remain ready for operational deployment. Moreover, NLR has more than 40 years of experience developing Ship-Helicopter Operational Limitations for major (military) customers.

In short, NLR, with its unique knowledge and facilities, supports the Ministry of Defence in maximising the operational deployment of military personnel and materials, while lowering the maintenance, repair and operational costs.

For space and earth observations, NLR stands for practical and innovative solutions based on research and practical applications. NLR, moreover, is involved in the development of satellite systems and participates in the Galileo programme. NLR possesses the expertise required to interpret massive amounts of data and render it accessible for end users in the aviation and military sectors. Further, NLR’s video processing and interpretation capabilities support aerial surveillance and object tracking projects worldwide.

NLR has everything it needs in-house to develop flight procedures, routes and air space classifications. Using the real-time simulation facility (NARSIM) for Air Traffic Management (ATM), NLR can determine and validate whether the expected benefits are achieved for air traffic control. And, crucially, determine if the solutions are feasible from an operational perspective. NLR’s simulators for ATM and drones were recently used to investigate the safe integration of unmanned vehicles in civil airspace.

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