Respond is your helping hand in crisismanagement, communication and notifiication services, escalations, and incident mitigation &management.

A minor disruption to your vital business processes can quickly have a large impact. Knowing that you have control over your business processes gives you peace of mind, and it makes you feel safe and in control. Safety is a core value in society and in business. It gives you the freedom to do business as you please. Respond wants to help organisations be successful in achieving this goal. Respond’s objective is to give you peace of mind, to provide safety and trust so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Reducing the risk, complexity and costs of business processes helps our customers focus on their primary business activities. We do so by offering unique, well-suitable and user-friendly ICT solutions, tailored to interact with your existing processes and procedures. Our software solutions optimise these existing processes and procedures: making it easier to manage problems with your business processes. Problems are resolved more quickly, thus minimising impact or preventing the problem altogether. We analyse the source of the problem and guide you towards a total solution, so that you can focus on your primary business activities.

Close collaboration, custom work and personal service are key to devising a good solution for you. No matter whether you need help with an event, a notification system, escalation options, mobilisation or incident management, Respond has the right personnel and knowledge.