AI, Machine learning, Internet of Things – so many cool technology promises. But if the foundational code quality is riddled with flaws, business chugs to a halt. That’s not cool, right?

SIG gives technology leaders the visibility they need to address current software problems and prevent future ones from ever happening. Drawing on proprietary methods and decades of expertise, SIG helps IT organizations fundamentally improve the security and performance of the enterprise applications that support every aspect of their businesses. Headquartered in Amsterdam, SIG serves companies in Europe and beyond.


At SIG, we are committed to supercharging technology leaders with deep code visibility into the depths of their systems, a roadmap to remedy current sub-optimal conditions and prevent future vulnerabilities.


And we’re just getting started.


By the way, our brilliant team is the reason why we are the only organization in the world certified by TÜViT for Trusted Product Maintainability.


Perks: Regular all company Friday level-ups with beer & wine, great views, regular sailing and sport outings, company band, fresh fruit, lots of laughs, laptops, phone.


The knowledge level in our organisation is high, more than 85% of our employees have a university degree or higher. The high volume of software intensive systems we analyse, provides numerous technical challenges and variation in our work. Our consultants translate the technical findings into understandable and actionable information for boardroom members. 


Join Us.