Dong-I.T. is an independent, specialised IT-security and development firm providing services for security testing, audits, cybercrime and custom web development projects. The company offers services for penetration testing, security code reviews, IT-infrastructure security testing and consultancy, cybersecurity training and secure development workshops. The development branch focuses on custom web development projects for international and national clients by building innovative and complex privacy sensitive systems and IT-infrastructures.


A highly dedicated and experienced team of security experts, ethical hackers and developers support (semi-)public and private organizations globally in identifying, analysing and preventing or mitigating security risks and vulnerabilities in web applications, internal and external systems and underlying IT-infrastructures.


Dong-I.T. also strives to make cybersecurity more accessible to small- and medium sized company’s by offering custom security tests based on the client’s situation and their relative risk potential, budgeting and critical systems. Transparent security testing processes and open dialogues with clients create comprehensible and honest provision of security services.


From its headquarters in Leiden, Dong-I.T. performs independent security researches to find vulnerabilities and security risks in critical sectors and create security awareness among involved actors. Dong-I.T. supports the global security community by developing innovative methods and techniques for security testing and contributing to open source projects in web development and web security.