EclecticIQ is a global provider of threat intelligence, hunting and response technology and services.


Stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats and outmaneuver your adversaries by embedding Intelligence at the core™ of your cyberdefenses with our open and extensible cybersecurity platform and ecosystem.


The most targeted organizations in the world – including governments and large enterprises – use our platform to operationalize threat intelligence at scale, to deepen threat hunting, detection and response capabilities, and to accelerate collaboration within and across security teams.


Our customers rely on our front-line expertise and our unique, intelligence-led technology to automate threat intelligence & collaboration, to gain forensic depth endpoint visibility, to look beyond IOCs and detect sophisticated and elusive threats, and to improve security team effectiveness and efficiency – enabling them keep up with the rapidly evolving threat environment.


Our customers’ proactive cybersecurity needs are supported by a partner ecosystem of the world’s premier technology and services providers, and by our design philosophy which embodies the flexibility and interoperability of open standards and our active participation in the open-source community.


Founded in 2014, EclecticIQ is a leading European cybersecurity vendor operating worldwide with offices and teams across Europe and UK, North America, India and via value-add partners. More info: 


Intelligence | Hunting | Response. Put Intelligence at the core™ of your cyberdefenses.



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