EclecticIQ is a Netherlands based software company, with international activities in the Cyber Security domain. Based on our expertise in Cyber Threat Intelligence, combined with our background in IT security, we have developed EclecticIQ’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform: a state-of-the-art Cyber Security solution employed by large organizations that use cyber intelligence as part of their IT-security strategy. Sectors such as Finance, Government, Energy, Retail and Manufacturing invest heavily in cyber intelligence as a response to targeted cyber-attacks.

To efficiently operate your IT security, an up to date threat assessment of your situation is required. Cyber threat intelligence is information about cyber criminals or other ‘actors’, their modus operandi, their agents and other characteristics. This information along with context such as their motivation, shapes your threat assessment.


Nowadays, cyber threat data is available in larger volumes than ever before. The EclecticIQ Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform takes away the complexity of handling disparate data sources and data formats by collecting these data from various open- and commercial sources. The OASIS standards STIX and TAXII are employed to connect and interpret intelligence data. Large amounts of data is normalized, enriched, correlated and prioritized before being efficiently made available to Threat Analysts and Security Operators, thereby strongly reducing the usual level of manual labor.

The platform enables the creation of Cyber Situational Awareness. Its advanced analytics make it possible to create a holistic view of the threat landscape, and present to the analyst only those indicators that are relevant to the organization and that justify further investigation. Finding the needle in the haystack has never been easier!


By giving back to the community with open-source implementations of TAXII clients and server, EclecticIQ contributes to its mission to restore the fight against cyber threat adversaries.

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