KPMG works together with a wide range of private and public organisations to make the Netherlands safer. We do this by signalling trends and developments and translating them into ready-to-use solutions for our clients.


The security domain is on the move: classic security and safety issues continue to exist, but current issues, such as terrorism, refugees, etc. create new values and, therefore, new challenges. Our society is changing through new technology and through the rapid and broad penetration of this technology. Organisations in the security domain have to be able to rapidly detect developments and must be flexible enough to provide answers and remain relevant.


KPMG offers organisations guidance and support in transformation processes; how do we prepare ourselves for tomorrow with the lessons of yesterday in mind? To be able to overcome these challenges, KPMG is always seeking new forms of partnerships to find the best solutions. We connect start-ups, for instance, with businesses on the lookout for innovative solutions to their challenges. Using the Start-Up Scan, we assess which start-up can offer a solution to the question posed, but also offer assurances about the start-up itself.


We also help large entities to innovate more actively and effectively from within. To this end, we offer a platform that assists organisations in shaping and encouraging the renewal process within the organisation and to share experiences to enable cross-pollination.


Through our collaboration with the partners within HSD, we hope to come up with even more innovative solutions for social and current security issues.


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