Fox-IT prevents, solves and mitigates the most serious cyber threats with smart solutions for government, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, banking, and multinational corporations worldwide. It is Fox-IT’s mission to make technical and innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. We accomplish that by offering advanced cyber security solutions and services that are trusted by government bodies and major enterprises worldwide. We have a strong focus on innovation and a tireless dedication to our clients, our values and our integrity.

As advancements in internet technology expand opportunities for misuse by increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals, state actors and terrorists, Fox-IT is continuously at the forefront of protecting our customers against these threats. Our products and services improve prevention, detection and response capabilities by continuously monitoring network and endpoints of our customers with our own innovative products and specialist staff. We harden the security of critical IT networks and systems and train employees in various areas of cyber security. Intelligence is key throughout the services we deliver and with our highly experienced security specialists gathering and analyzing threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis we have one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers worldwide.

We monitor the IT infrastructure of numerous large enterprises and focus on areas where systems are most vulnerable, and in sectors where security is most essential – including government systems up to ‘state secret level’ sensitivity and in critical infrastructure industries like energy and banking.

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