ICT is under pressure. Due to various, rapid developments, working and communication in digital environments has become more risky. KPN therefore views information security as one of the top priorities of sustainable ICT.


By offering a broad range of security services, such as secure mobile services, secure cloud services, secure workspace services, Managed Firewall,  and secure infrastructure services, KPN can support your organization to operate safely and effectively and can make it easier to collaborate and connect in a flexible and efficient way. Also on new, innovative developments, or complex issues, where security can be a challenge such as IOT and SCADA, KPN is your partner. Thanks to its high-quality and adaptive security services, which respond to daily dynamics, KPN can provide your organisation with continuous support in terms of privacy and security. Not only during office hours, but 24x7x365. This increases your resilience and your agility.


To secure your business, KPN has aligned its security portfolio in four fundaments:

  • Identity & Privacy
  • Secure Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Continuity 

KPN has merged all its security organisations – DearBytes, QSight IT and KPN Security Services – under the brand name: KPN Security. Creating the largest security specialist in the Netherlands. KPN Security offers a complete security offering for all for all types of organisations (from small and medium-sized enterprises to corporate organisations): from ready-made (integrated) security solutions to complete managed security services.


Next to the these security services, KPN is always interested in new, innovative solutions and therefore has invested in a fund for start-ups. Please contact us for more information.