Human Capital Agenda Security 2023-2026

Shared ambition and basis for further cooperation to counter labor market mismatch in security in a digitising world.


The Human Capital Agenda (HCA) Security 2023 - 2026 was developed by the Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD) in collaboration with the Center for Security and Digitalisation (CVD). The HCA is a shared ambition of more than 70 partners from the HSD and CVD networks.


The goal of the 'Human Capital Agenda Security 2023 - 2026' is to tackle labor market imbalance in human capital and achieve a decrease in the number of hard-to-fill vacancies. Based on an analysis of talent issues, key findings are presented from 5 perspectives: Talent, Work, Education, Safety and Society. The findings and identified bottlenecks form the basis for 25 interventions aimed at efficiently developing and deploying the pool of talent in the digital security labor market. Access to talent is and will remain a critical requirement for security to keep pace with changing threats and at the same time economic opportunities in a digitising society.


This agenda is the basis for further, cooperation, development, and the upscaling of initiatives between partners from businesses, knowledge institutions and government at local, regional and national levels.


Do you want to contribute to solving the bottlenecks or share relevant insights and ambition to address this issue? Contact us to collaborate and share knowledge.