The Police Academy is the centre for training, knowledge and research for the Dutch National Police. It is a dynamic organization, offering training and knowledge programs on the highest level, anticipating developments in society and translating these into customized education programs. The Police Academy cooperates with the National Police and other partners in the field of security, education, knowledge and research.


The Dutch National Police has the unique and important job of maintaining legal order. In a quickly changing and complex society, this job constantly changes. Police work is laborious and complicated, requiring continuous professionalization to anticipate the high expectations of society and politics. The Police Academy ensures the police can dispose of the best people and gives these people the opportunity to continuously develop themselves. An important focus point is the combination of expertise, skills, professional attitude and behaviour.


The Police Academy also carries out applied research. Not only do the results of this have a direct influence on the education, but the Police Academy also contributes in this way to the development of police practice. Every year, the Minister for Security and Justice makes funds available for the Police Academy so that it can carry out its core duties. With respect to its activities, the Police Academy makes clear agreements with the ministry and reports on the results attained.


CEPOL (European Police College) is a network that brings together the national training institutes for senior police officers in the European Member States. Each Member State has its own National Contact Point coordinating CEPOL activities. For the Netherlands, the National Contact Point is located at the Police Academie.


The Police Academy:

  • offers accredited police training at vocational, college and university level, developed and carried out in close cooperation with the police force and educational institutes
  • provides customized training programmes on police work and national security
  • conducts scientific and applied research via research groups
  • makes knowledge on policing accessible to the police force
  • cooperates intensively with partner organizations via the Safety Platform (Veiligheidsplatform)
  • functions as a leading institute in the fields of national and international security.

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